We are happy you’ve found us! We are here to help you live a more vibrantly through whole food nutrition, improved fitness and a sustainable lifestyle.

The 2SmartyPlants offer an array of services designed to help you optimize your health, energy and vitality. We work with our clients online as well as locally (in Denver, CO and Austin, TX). We try and take the stress out of eating healthy and exercising and have a relaxed, fun approach that will make creating a healthy lifestyle both attainable and sustainable.



Sam and Erin are both busy moms, health professionals and fitness enthusiasts. We love working with other moms to help them find simple solutions to keep their families healthy and feeling their best. We know all about having picky eaters and have “stealth health” tips and sneaking solutions to getting more nutrition in your little ones each day.

We also love working with athletes and have found that the key to staying active and injury-free is through improved nutrition, adequate recovery and smart training programs. Sport’s performance and recovery nutrition is an often overlooked aspect of training and with a few small tweaks and easy additions we can have you running on superfoods, instead of running on empty!

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