2 SmartyPlants

We are so excited to officially announce that Running On Smoothies is teaming up with Erin Entlich Wellness to form … 2SmartyPlants!!

Sam and Erin

We’ve always pictured us working together as we have a similar vision of what health and wellness means to us. Living miles away for most of our friendship plus life, marriage , kids, and our own business pursuits (all health and wellness related) pushed some of our dreams aside.

The past year we have been unofficially working together – sharing recipes and workouts and coaching online wellness groups together. Then it just hit us: so silly that we are doing the same thing, but separately, when we could be joining forces to bring MORE knowledge, support, coaching, wellness and humor to our clients and online community! We could be having DOUBLE the fun if we were doing this together.

And so, over zoom and glass of wine, 2SmartyPlants was born.

Sam and Erin 1

We are so excited on our new venture doing what we love: helping you live your best, most vibrant life through improved nutrition and fitness!!

We have merely planted the seed but hope you pop over to our new FB biz page (https://www.facebook.com/2smartyplants), over on IG (@2smartyplants) and in our private FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/518207378293774/) where we will be hosting free monthly challenges and providing recipes, lifestyle tips and tricks, whole food nutrition solutions, workouts and so much more!

And …. wait for it … our 2SmartyPlants cookbook is already in the works!

Thanks for joining us on this journey and we look forward to serving you in your pursuit of better, more vibrant health!

Erin & Sam

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